Calan Bosch holidays

Situated among the wild, green scenery of Menorca’s southwest is the holiday hotspot Cala’ n Bosch, a relaxed beach resort. Its horseshoe bay is a beautiful place to spend leisurely, sunny holidays, and at one end of the beach are the much-loved marina, the resort’s dining, and nightlife hub. On your doorstep are some of Menorca’s top family attractions, including its popular waterpark, Aquarock.

If you love nothing more than sand, sea, and sunset-gazing from an outdoor terrace, then you've chosen the right place. Cala’ n Bosch holidays on the western coast of the island, gives you just that. This beautiful beach resort offers a little more variety on the nightlife front than most resorts on the island, too. It’s nothing like the hustle and bustle of the big Ibizan and Majorcan resorts, which is why so many families and couples book holidays in the resort to enjoy a perfect balance of leisure and relaxation.

At night in Peak season, the restaurants, and bars on the marina spring to life, with plenty of fun, family-friendly entertainment. 

Things to do

Take a day trip to the historic town of Ciutadella, the former capital of Menorca. See its beautiful medieval cathedral, wander through the charming old quarter, and visit the covered market at the Placa Libertat. In the evening, have a walk around the picturesque port before enjoying delicious paella or other seafood dishes at one of the waterfront restaurants here.

13-29 ℃

Cala’n Bosch enjoys a typically Mediterranean climate with long, dry summers, and an average of about 11 hours of sunshine a day in the sunniest month, July. Winters are very mild and a bit damp, although still much sunnier than northern Europe. Fortunately, it's warm enough to stay outdoors until well after dark from around mid-June to the first part of September, when sea temperatures normally hover in the low to mid-20s. This is the perfect time to visit if you're looking for almost guaranteed warmth and sun.

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Approximately 2 hours

30 minutes from London Stansted.

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