San Antonio Nightlife: Bars & Clubs

If you're interested in San Antonio holidays, then chances are you're interested in a holiday that provides a nightlife like no other. Well, you're certainly looking in the right place. The White Isle is the party capital of the world and the resort of San Antonio is right at the heart of it. Many of Ibiza's biggest nightclubs are dotted all across the island, between San Antonio and Ibiza Town. But there's no need to venture too far if you don't want to, as some of the best ones are right there on your doorstep. Start your night by sipping cocktails in Café Del Mar or Café Mambo on the stylish Sunset Strip, before heading along the waterfront promenade towards San Antonio Bay. Along here you have the iconic Ibiza Rocks Hotel as well as San Antonio's two superclubs; Eden and the glamourous Es Paradis. As well as the normal bars and club nights, look out for all the different events and themed nights that take place in and around the resort. There's everything from Brazilian nights and foam parties to powder paint parties in derelict zoos. And if you do want to head further out of town, the likes of Privilege, Amnesia and Pacha are just a taxi ride away.