Café Mambo in San Antonio

No holiday to San Antonio would be complete without heading to the world-famous Café Mambo on the lively Sunset Strip. Once a modest and traditional Spanish house, it now plays a pivotal part in any Ibiza holiday. It has a steady flow of visitors passing through all day and night.

By day, Café Mambo serves delicious food and refreshing drinks to the sound of soothing Ibiza beats. Then, as the transition to nighttime begins, it becomes the prime spot to watch one of the world’s most famous sunsets disappear into the calm, Balearic Sea.

After sunset, the party atmosphere really kicks in as Café Mambo plays host to some of the most prominent DJs from across the globe. Pacha hosts its pre-parties here, so you know you’re in for a treat. World-class music and iconic surroundings? It’s no surprise that Café Mambo is one of the best bars on the island.

Where is Café Mambo?

Café Mambo is a jewel in the crown of San Antonio’s famous sunset strip. It’s one of the most visited spots in San Antonio and the whole of Ibiza, worth making the journey if you’re staying on another part of Ibiza.

How to get to Café Mambo

Café Mambo is in San Antonio, so the best way to get there is on foot if you’re staying in the area. There are lots more bars and clubs around, not to mention the beautiful beach, so the walk is sure to be exciting.

Suppose your accommodation is elsewhere on the island. In that case, you can take the bus to San Antonio in no time. The stop is called Sant Antoni de Portmany. Or hop in a taxi and tell the driver where you’re headed.

Is Café Mambo free entry?

Because Café Mambo is such a popular spot, you’ll need to agree to a minimum spend if you want to visit during peak times. Go online and choose your table, from those on the seafront and two terraces, and you’ll have three hours to spend there.

Minimum spends don’t apply during the daytime, which means you can eat and drink as much or as little as you like.

Is Café Mambo open all year round?

The Ibiza party season generally starts in May, with opening parties around the island for a few weeks, and ends early October. Café Mambo is no exception – open between May and October every year.

What are the prices like in Café Mambo?

Prices in the popular parts of Ibiza can be higher than elsewhere, and Café Mambo is one of the most-visited spots on the island. Be prepared to splash out a little when you visit. During the day, there’s no minimum spend, but it can still be around €20 for a drink or a main meal.

What time does Café Mambo close?

Café Mambo is open between 10am, and 1am most days, which means you can visit for a bite to eat for brunch, lunch, or dinner, and drinks at any time of the day or night.

What is the dress code for Café Mambo?

Café Mambo is iconic, but it remains the laid-back beach venue it’s always been. That means the dress code leans towards casual, with light, bohemian outfits the choice of many guests. Still, if you’re visiting straight off the beach, you’ll need to throw on some clothes – swimwear isn’t enough!

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