Cafe Mambo On Sunset Strip Spain

No holiday to San Antonio would be complete without heading to the world famous Café Mambo on the lively Sunset Strip. Once a modest and traditional Spanish house, it now plays a pivotal part in any Ibiza goer's holiday and sees a constant and steady flow of people gracing its premises all through the day and night. By day, it serves delicious food and refreshing drinks to the sound of soothing Ibiza beats. Then, as the transition to night time begins, it becomes the prime spot to be in to watch one of the world's most famous sunsets disappear into the calm, Balearic Sea. After sunset, the party atmosphere really begins to kick in as Café Mambo plays host to some of the biggest and best DJs from across the globe. This is thanks to Pacha choosing to hold all its pre-parties here, so you know they're going to be good. Add this to your stunning surroundings and you'll be hard pushed to find a bar like it anywhere else on the island.