What started life as a small, fishing village has now become a world-famous gateway to clubbers’ paradise. Holidays in San Antonio are renowned for good times and music, thanks to the superclubs that have made it their home and the resort’s legendary ‘Sunset Strip’, where the next party is only a few footsteps away. Amnesia is one of the world’s most iconic clubs and you’ll find it just outside of the resort, cranking out the best in dance music and playing host to some of the biggest names in the DJ circuit. Ibiza Rocks is another popular venue, set in the grounds of a hotel and with a permanent stage, ready to showcase acts of all genres.
However, there’s more to this destination than meets the eye. While it might be known for its night-time craziness, it does have a quieter side. To watch the sun set and relax to some ambient beats, head to Café Mambo. 
If the nightlife doesn’t see you keeping vampire hours, you can top up your tan on San Antonio’s beach. Loaded with water sports, it’s a great spot to revive your partied-out system. However, if you’d rather chill out in peace and quiet, you’ll find the beach of Cala Gracio a twenty-minute walk from the resort.

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There’s no better way to start your day than by soaking up some sunshine on San Antonio’s golden-sanded beach. You can flop on a sun lounger or, if the previous night hasn’t left you feeling too tired, you’ll find an excellent range of water sports to wake you up. By the time the evening comes, you’ll be ready to head straight to the Sunset Strip to see the sun go down, which is when the town really comes alive. Head out on a party boat, or sip cocktails in the swish Cafe del Mar, and when it gets late it’s time to pull out the big guns: make it Ibiza Rocks or Eden.

19°C - 26°C

If you want to make the most of the summer sun and the party season, book your holiday between July and September.

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Roughly two and a half hours.

Flights land at Ibiza Airport (IBZ), which is approximately 23km from the resort.

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