5 Things to do in San Antonio Bay

You'll find San Antonio Bay sitting pretty on the west coast of Ibiza; it's one of the most stunning spots anywhere in the Mediterranean. By day, you're never far from a beach or a cove, there are five in total along this sandy stretch, and when the sun's shining, there's nowhere better to sit back and relax. The kids will love the shallow waters too, and they're perfect for paddling.

When you're ready to spend a day away from the beaches, you'll find plenty of other things to do in San Antonio Bay and nearby. How about a trip to Ibiza Town? It's just a few miles away by car, and you'll be able to explore the historic old town on the hillside and enjoy stunning views when you reach the top.

When you get back to San Antonio Bay, you'll surely be ready for a hearty meal at one of the local restaurants, and there are lots of place to grab a pre-dinner drink if you like.

Heading to San Antonio Bay with the family? The little ones will have hours of fun playing in the sand, and you can also take a trip out on a pedalo if you fancy it. But if you're looking for the ultimate family day out, look no further than Aguamar Waterpark; you'll find pools and slides galore here. Let's take a closer look at things to do in San Antonio Bay.

1. Hit the San Antonio Bay beaches

San Antonio Bay is a truly stunning spot, and it's easily one of the most beautiful bays in the whole of the Mediterranean. This sweeping stretch of golden sand is made up of five small beaches and coves, all of which brush up against a bright, azure sea. Big and little ones alike will love relaxing in the sunshine and cooling off in the calm, shallow waters.

2. Take a daytrip to Ibiza Town

On one side of San Antonio Bay is the party resort of San Antonio, and on the other is the island capital of Ibiza Town. It's only a short drive away, and it's the perfect day trip destination if you want to explore the fascinating Old Town, enjoy unspoilt views from the hilltop, or indulge in boutique shopping. If you're heading out after dark, you can also sample its famous nightlife scene.

3. Find your favourite waterfront bars and restaurants

When the sun goes down, San Antonio Bay keeps a laid-back atmosphere, unlike its lively San Antonio Town neighbour. You won't have far to walk along the bay to find somewhere tasty to grab a bite to eat, or watch the world go by as you sip a fruity sangria. Take your pick from snack bars, friendly restaurants and bustling bars.

4. Enjoy fun-filled family activities

If you're looking for family-friendly things to do in San Antonio Bay, you're in luck. San Antonio itself may be famous for its lively nightlife scene, but even though it's just next door, San Antonio Bay has a much more laid-back vibe. Families will love spending quality time together on the sandy beaches.


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