Nit De Foc Spain

Experience one of the highlights of the Palma calendar with a visit to Nit de Foc. Translated as ”night of fire', the celebration is held on 23 June. This is the night before the St John bonfire festival, bringing the whole town to life. The party starts in Parque de la Mar in front of the Cathedral, where you'll see people fire-running while dressed up as devils and demons, a tradition known as the correfoc. When the procession is finished, everyone goes to the beach to light bonfires, play instruments and party the night away. Over the course of the evening you'll see firecrackers, street parties and live music, while fireworks light up the night sky. With its pagan origins, Nit de Foc is a traditional midsummer celebration. The fire symbolises the burning of bad in the world, purifying the city in time for the feast of St John the following day. If you're visiting Nit de Foc with children, bear in mind that they may find some of the spectacles a little frightening, especially when locals are testing their strength by jumping among the flames. For more family-friendly activities, look out for the kid's workshops and fun dance sessions. To stay safe, make sure your clothing isn't flammable and always stand at a safe distance. If you miss the festivities in Palma you can visit the town of Deia, 45 minutes away from the capital by car, which celebrates Nit de Foc the following day on 24 June.