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Visit Greece’s third biggest island (after Crete and Evia) for your next getaway to Lesbos. But despite its popularity, this magical place has remained virtually untouched and the crowds are much smaller than on other islands. You can expect unspoilt beaches and a healthy dose of Mediterranean sunshine, all surrounded by lush greenery and olive tree-filled fields. So if you’re seeking a spot of peace and tranquillity off the beaten track, then holidays to Lesbos will be just the ticket. If you feel like a break from the coastline, you can explore the sights and sounds of the island’s historic towns, charming villages and dramatic landscapes.  

Things to do

Lesbos holidays may be a little off the beaten tourist track, but it’s sure to impress the most discerning of travellers. Holidays to Lesbos are your chance to experience laid-back Greek island life. Make your way to stunning beaches like Skala Eressos and Vetera and top up your tan during summer. You’ll also find lots of water sports going on here. over in Molyvos, you’ll discover a wealth of medieval architecture. And there’s plenty of history to uncover elsewhere, too; how about a trip to Mytilini, the island capital? You’ll find a fascinating castle here, along with some great boutique shopping.

Where to stay

On Lesbos’ northern coast are a handful of beach resorts known for their spectacular scenery. Anaxos’ beach is sheltered by blossoming green hills, thick pines and fragrant fruit groves, creating a peaceful environment for relaxing on the beach. Around 10km east is the traditional town of Molyvos. The ideal day trip location it’s a great place to hunt for locally-made gifts and Greek specialties. Down on the south coast, beach resorts like Skala Kalloni are popular for the top choice of family-friendly hotels close to the beach, and a pleasant town centre filled with shops and places to eat.

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Mytilene International Airport (MJT) or Thessaloniki International Airport (SKG), and a ferry transfer. 

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