Caves Of Drogarati Greece

Descend the steps travelling five metres below ground level, where the mysterious Drogarati Cave awaits you. Although the caves are over 150 million years old, they were only revealed 300 years ago when an earthquake struck and exposed their entrance. Now they've become Kefalonia's most famous and ancient spectacle. You can visit the caves easily, as they're just 3km south of the village of Sami.

Venture through the caves

Take your time descending the steps to a depth of 60 meters. They can be quite tricky to navigate in certain areas, so it's best to take it slow. Once you enter the Caves of Drogarati, you're free to roam around and explore the mystical utopia. Naturally, the caves are very dark.

But, you'll find your way thanks to the romantically lit passages that let you marvel at this natural phenomenon with perfect vision. As far as caves go, the Drogarati Cave is fairly large and you may want to bring a light jacket when you visit the caves because it's known to get quite chilly. In fact, humidity levels are around 90% with temperatures cooling to 18℃.

A timeless beauty

Hundreds of stalactites and stalagmites shape the naturally heated chamber. You'll catch different structures in bright colours due to the minerals in the bedrock. Some of them creep down from the roof, while stalagmites seem to grow up from the ground.

Remember to be careful with natures masterpieces because they can be quite fragile. Plus, it takes 100 years for a stalactite to grow just one centimetre. Treating them with the utmost care is important to preserve the beauty of the caves.

With such incredible beauty and impressive limestone formations, you'll feel as though you've stepped into another universe. Specialists have confirmed that there's more of the Drogarati Cave yet to be uncovered.

The only problem is that you can't reach it. However, it's thought that the cave connects with others in the area, forming a maze of ancient caves just waiting to be explored.

An acoustic wonder

The main chamber, otherwise known as the ”big hall' takes the form of a grand dome. It's 900m2 to be exact and known for its perfect acoustics. Often called the “Sala of Apotheosis”, a fair share of concerts has been performed in this magnificent setting, which we can only imagine were truly magical.

However, it's been a while since a show took place in the caves, so it's best not to get your hopes up. But who knows, maybe a famous singer will happen to be performing in the Drogarati Cave during your visit.

And if not, why not take the stage yourself? Make your way to Royal Balcony, a natural platform that overlooks the Chamber of Exaltation. From here, you can belt out your favourite song from the top of your lungs. You'll be amazed at how incredible you sound. The cave's acoustics are so good, they can make even the worst singer sound incredible.

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