Explore the Petrified Forest

If you're not familiar with the term ”petrified' other than when watching a scary film, you might read this and wonder what is so great about a forest? Well a petrified forest is something completely different. It is the term used to describe wood so ancient that it has actually fossilized and completely turned to stone.

The Petrified Forest in Lesbos stretches across much of the western side of the island, but the best part to visit is located between the villages of Antissa, Eressos and Sigri. It's here that the forest is at its densest.

Head just outside of Sigri and you will reach the area of the forest that has been designated as a National Park. For a small entrance fee you can enter and follow the clearly marked trails that will lead you past what remains of this ancient forest.

It's well worth getting a local guide to show you around in order to fully appreciate the marvel that stands before you.

And be sure to take plenty of water and sun cream with you as there is very little shade around.

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