Ouzo Distillery Greece

Ouzo, the classic alcoholic drink of Greece, has particularly strong links with Lesbos. There are several distilleries on the island, even a small one right on your doorstep in Petra. It's been run by a local family since it opened in the 1800s, and they'll welcome you in for a tour. Just follow the smell of aniseed along the shopping street that leads from the main square.

You can buy their Ouzo in Petra's supermarkets, but it somehow tastes better when you've seen where it's made, so it's worth finding out when they're open. Some also say Ouzo tastes the best when you're on holiday in the Grecian sunshine, so don't feel you have to save it for a souvenir.

And it's best sipped alongside a plate of mezedes (nibbles), which tends to be included when you order Ouzo in the traditional cafés.

There's no better place for feeling at home in any Greek town or village, and it's a great chance to try some of Lesbos' other local produce. Cheese, olives and locally pressed olive oil are some of the island's tastiest products, and also available to buy fresh from the shops in the village.

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