A vast country with more to see than you could ever manage in a single trip, China will leave you always wanting more. The most populous country in the world will surprise with its huge open spaces. And its diverse range of landscapes, cultures and history make it perfect if you love exploring. You’ll discover incredible futuristic cities sitting next to the majestic monuments of China’s ancient civilisations. Quite simply, it’s a fascinating place.

In China, you can expect to be pampered in some of the hundreds of premier hotels throughout the country. Wherever you travel, you can be treated like an emperor of old. If you fancy a more down-to-earth treatment though, there are hostels and backpacker hotels, but it’s a shame to miss out on the deluxe treatment.

Around China, you’ll find more than luxury and ancient buildings. This is a country where family is held in the highest regard. As a result, there are theme parks and kid-friendly features such as water sports and arcades everywhere, and especially in Hong Kong to the south.

Hong Kong itself deserves a full holiday’s worth of your time. It’s a unique blend of rising ‘Tiger Economy’ and traditional values, with a dash of old-world European charm thrown in for good measure. Here, on these densely packed islands, you’ll find the pick of attractions. From giant Buddhist statues to Disneyland, China’s southern territory is sure to delight.

But wherever you holiday in China, you’ll be captivated by the wonders around you. The Great Wall, the Terracotta Warriors, the Forbidden City; all these locations awe their visitors, and will leave you with fond memories of a fantastic holiday.


Incredible landmarks

China is home to some of the most extraordinary monuments in the world. From country-spanning walls to grand palaces, and from giant statues of deities to sacred Buddhist shrines, there’s an incredible variety of things to see and explore. We recommend taking a guided tour to make the most of your Chinese holiday.


Unique culture

Chinese culture is known throughout the world. From its famous zodiac to ideas like Taoism and Confucian thought, China has inspired millions. When you visit the birthplace of these incredible ways of thinking, you’ll discover how they affect daily life. You’ll discover cities laid out according to Feng Shui, and temples that have stood for hundreds of years to ward off spirits. And if you’re lucky enough to visit on Chinese New Year, be ready for one of the most spectacular celebrations anywhere in the world.


Family Fun

It’s not just monuments and philosophy in China, as there are world famous theme parks as well. Hong Kong Disneyland is one of the most visited parks in the world, and for good reason. It’s got some of the most incredible rides and attractions of any of the Disney locations, including a new Marvel Super Heroes zone.