Kalloni Salt Pans

Take a trip to Lesbos' Kalloni Salt Pans to experience a true birdwatcher's paradise. From black and white storks to avocets, terns and egrets, there are a huge range of migratory and wading birds to observe in this vast wetland on the Gulf of Kalloni.

The best time to visit the Kalloni Salt Pans is during the migration season, when birds head to the wetlands in their thousands. If you visit out of season, don't worry; there are still plenty of birds to see. Even if you're not a birdwatching enthusiast, the Kalloni Salt Pans are still worth a visit to see the main attraction; the bright pink flamingos.

The pans cover a large area, so hire a car and stick to the access roads to explore with binoculars and camera in hand. If they get frightened, the birds may move further into the pans which makes it difficult to see them, so try to be as quiet as possible.

Your hire car can also double-up as a bird hide as you watch from a distance. The salt pans are shallow evaporation pools used for salt production. For the best views and photograph opportunities, go via the rear entrance in the morning to see the birds with the sun behind you.

If you visit during the late afternoon, enter the salt pans through the main entrance and watch the wildlife from the access road.

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