Step back in time at Vareltzidaina's House

If you like to find out about the history of the places you go to on holiday, you'll want to visit Vareltzidaina's House. This restored merchant's house is not far from the main square in the heart of Petra, and its traditional furnishings and simple decor will give you an idea of what life was like here 200 years ago.

The house itself is even older than that, with wooden balconies hanging over the street and beautiful ceiling carvings and wall friezes inside. It isn't very big, so won't keep you away from the beach for long, making it a great place to stop off on a stroll through the village's little cobbled streets.

You also won't have to part with much of your spending money to get in, making this hidden gem a bit of a bargain and a great way to add a little culture to your holiday.

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