Weather in Kefalonia

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Located in the Ionian Sea, Kefalonia is the largest Greek Island and has a very warm climate with high temperatures and plenty of sunshine year-round.

The average temperature in Kefalonia is 26°C, which means you can enjoy the warm weather throughout the year. The climate cools slightly in winter, but it’s still very mild with sunny intervals and a few short showers.

If you love the sun and swimming in the sea, the best time to go to Kefalonia is between July and August. Temperatures reach highs of 30°C, the water is mild and there’s not much chance of rain. Temperatures are known to be very high in the summer, so make sure to pack enough sun cream and stay hydrated throughout your holiday.

Off-peak seasons are perfect for a peaceful holiday because it’s a quiet time on the island and you’ll still get to enjoy pleasant weather with mild sea water.

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