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Once a small fishing village, Nerja has blossomed into one of Spain’s most popular holiday destinations. Blessed with beautiful, sun-kissed beaches and tiny, secluded coves, Nerja holidays are ideal for families and couples who want to spend some quality downtime together. However, there’s much more to holidays to Nerja than soaking up the sun and splashing about in the sea: a town with a long and fascinating past, there are great sites and hundreds of years of history in between the golden beaches and buzzing plazas. The resort is home to one of Spain’s most visited sites, the vast pre-historic caves known as the Cuevas de Nerja. Along with dozens of bars and restaurants to please foodies, Nerja holidays have a little something for everyone.

Things to do

Despite being famed for its fabulous beaches, Nerja offers plenty of other activities and things to see and do. Its on-your-doorstep caves offer 4km of prehistoric paintings, Stone Age relics and subterranean stalactites and stalagmites. However, if you prefer to be above ground and soaking up the sun, the coast is full of award-winning beaches and secluded bays. Foodies will find a gastronomic adventure almost everywhere they go, from beachfront tavernas selling traditional paella, to the restaurants in town serving everything from fast-food to authentic Italian meals. For a crafty cocktail, visit one of the bars in the cosmopolitan Plaza Tutti Frutti.

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13°C - 29°C

If you’re looking for scorching summer sunshine, book your holidays to Nerja between June and August, when the temperatures hover in the high twenties and peak in the low thirties °C.

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Approximately two and a half hours.

Flights to the resort land at Malaga Airport, which is just under an hour away.