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Experience a fascinating mix of ancient tradition, rich culture and modern influences with your holidays to Fethiye. Located along Turkey’s exquisite Turquoise Coast, it’s littered with remains from the region’s Lycian past, with historic attractions such as the majestic Tomb of Amyntas, and Karakoy Ghost Village. For fans of the great outdoors, the rolling scenery provides plenty of opportunity for adventure. You can watch professional paragliders catching some thermals on the mountain ridges and rocky outcrops, while the miles of unspoilt countryside attract horse-riders of all abilities. For beach-lovers, the resort is a short distance from one of the most famous beaches in Turkey, the dazzling Blue Lagoon.

Things to do

You won’t be stuck for things to do in Fethiye. Visit the Old Town and any bargain-hunters in your party can get their haggling heads on! The twisting backstreets are lines with shops and stalls, selling everything from traditional Turkish rugs, to crafts and jewellery. The markets are a bustle of trade and commerce, selling a huge variety of goods, from handcrafted items to fruit and veg. You’ll also find quirky cafés and tavernas selling strong coffee and authentic Turkish meals. If you want to dive into the rich history then pay a visit to the towering Tomb of Amyntas, carved out of a cliff-face. The local scenery is well worth breaking out the camera for, and some of the best attractions are only a boat-trip away. Don’t forget the Blue Lagoon, considered the country’s most beautiful beach with warm, azure waters and spotless, silver sand.

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10-28 ℃

For the best of the sunshine, book your holidays to Fethiye between the months of June and August.

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Flights land at Dalaman Airport, which is roughly 50 minutes’ drive from the resort.