Explore an important ancient sanctuary when you pay a visit to Letoon. Four kilometres south of Xanthos, this fascinating place is perfect if you're interested in archaeological sites. It should take just under an hour to drive to Letoon from Fethiye.

If you don't have a hire car, you can easily take a dolmus to get there, or go as part of a tour group.

However you arrive, you can look forward to seeing some amazing ruins at the site that dates back to the sixth century BC. Letoon was a religious sanctuary steeped in ancient mythology, regarded as the spiritual heart of Lycia.

After paying the small entrance fee, you'll wander among ancient temples, tombs and burial sites. Sit on the steps of the well preserved amphitheatre and imagine yourself watching a religious ceremony all those years ago. Some of the ruins are submerged in standing water, which gives the site a unique feel.

See the colonnades of the Temple of Leto rising up from the lake, as you learn about the myths surrounding the nymph who gave birth to Zeus' twins.

Not far from the temple is a beautiful monument connected to a sacred spring, where you can sit for a few moments in the sun and watch terrapins and frogs.

Make sure you use plenty of sun cream as there's not much shade at Letoon, and take plenty of water with you too.

After your visit to Letoon, make the short journey to the Saklikent Gorge and wade through the water of this spectacular valley. Then once you've dried off, head to Tlos to see more incredible ancient Lycian ruins as you enjoy a fabulous day of sightseeing from Fethiye.

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