Kabak Koyu

Look forward to an incredible experience when you pay a visit to the beautiful Kabak Koyu nature park. Around 30 kilometres south of Fethiye, it'll take less than an hour to reach Kabak Koyu, and there are buses that can take you there. The trip will be more than worth it when you get there, as you're met with spectacular scenery.

If you love being at one with nature, this is the place for you. Away from busy tourism, you'll get to enjoy a quiet valley with its immaculate beach and turquoise Mediterranean waters. When you get down to the main beach, things are quite rocky, so if you have little ones make sure they have something on their feet while they play at the water's edge and go for a paddle.

Sit back and relax in the peaceful cove and soak up some beautifully warm golden sunshine. If you want to be active, there are some great hikes through the lush hills that roll down towards the crystal clear sea. Or, if you'd rather relax, there's lots of yoga and meditation in Kabak Koyu, with sessions available at many guesthouses.

There are restaurants and shops close to the beach for when you get hungry or need a refreshing drink. Or treat your kids to an ice cream as you head back down to the beach for an afternoon in the sun. After your visit to Kabak Koyu, spend the afternoon exploring the ancient ruins at Letoon or Tlos, or wading through the water at the Saklikent Gorge. If you'd rather just sit back in the sun closer to home, go and relax on Calis Beach and wait for a romantic sunset.

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