Fethiye holidays

Fethiye holidays

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Experience a fascinating mix of ancient tradition, rich culture, and modern influences with your holidays to Fethiye. Located along Turkey’s exquisite Turquoise Coast, it’s littered with remains from the region’s Lycian past, with historical attractions such as the majestic Tomb of Amyntas, and Kayaköy ghost village.

For fans of the great outdoors, the rolling scenery provides plenty of adventure opportunities. You can watch professional paragliders catching some thermals on the mountain ridges and rocky outcrops, while the miles of unspoilt countryside attract horse-riders of all abilities. For beach-lovers, the resort is a short distance from one of the most famous beaches in Turkey, the dazzling Blue Lagoon.

Things to do

You won’t be stuck for things to do in Fethiye. Visit the Old Town, and any bargain-hunters in your party can get their haggling heads on! The twisting backstreets are lined with shops and stalls, selling everything from traditional Turkish rugs, to crafts and jewellery.

The markets are a bustle of trade and commerce, selling various goods, from handcrafted items to fruit and veg, so you’re sure to leave with something special in-hand. You’ll also find many quirky cafés and tavernas selling strong coffee and authentic Turkish meals, ideal for foodies wanting a real taste of Fethiye.

If you want to dive into the rich history of your destination, pay a visit to the towering Tomb of Amyntas, carved out of a cliff-face. Don’t forget your camera! The local scenery is picture-perfect, while some of the best attractions around are only a boat ride away. Don’t forget to visit the Blue Lagoon, considered the country’s most beautiful beach with warm, azure waters and spotless, silver sand.

Turquoise Coast

As part of the Turquoise Coast, Fethiye has some of the best weather anywhere in Europe, perfect for spending long days lounging around on the beach. The turquoise waters and powdery white sand resemble the beaches you might see in your dreams. The coast is almost impossible to avoid here, making this destination ideal for a beach-centric holiday at any time of year.

Head down to Calis Beach where you’ll discover a peaceful atmosphere and a pleasingly slow pace of life. Soak up some sunshine here and enjoy endless dips in the cooling water.

If you just can’t sit still, don’t worry! There are various water sports to enjoy along Calis Beach, so adventurers can get an adrenaline kick while the others relax. Whatever way you want to enjoy the Turquoise Coast, you’re sure to arrive home feeling rested and refreshed.

Great sightseeing

When it’s time to go sightseeing, there are many fascinating destinations close to Fethiye. If you love your history and mythology, don’t miss the Tomb of Amyntas. This Ancient Greek monument is carved straight into the cliffside, an impressive, towering example of Lycian architecture.

Similarly, the ancient ruins of Tlos are a fascinating ruin that you can reach in just 40 minutes from Fethiye. Letoon is another unique historic sanctuary, and an important spot to visit if you’re interested in architecture and archaeology. Explore these critical Lycian sites and discover the rich heritage of your holiday destination.

If you like to be active on your holidays, visit the impressive Saklikent Gorge, also known as the Hidden City. The gorge is the second biggest in Europe and one of the deepest of its kind in the world! Walk across the sturdy platform while white-water rapids rush below. Adrenaline-seekers can even enjoy river rafting with an experienced guide, a perfect way to see more of the natural landscape.

Kabak Koyu nature park is another must-visit if you want nature and adventure. Discover many hiking trails through the fragrant pine tree valley, winding down to the pristine beach below. Reward your efforts with a dip in the gemstone-blue waters, before reclining on powdery sand to soak up some rays.

Lovely old town

Back in town, wander through the cobbled streets of Fethiye’s old quarter, Paspatur. You’ll notice the traditional Turkish feel as you shop for souvenirs and stop at a local café for a drink or bite to eat. The Paspatur is a lovely place to spend an evening out, whether you’re looking to find local specialities to eat or welcoming bars to enjoy a night out.

Paspatur Market is an excellent place to visit if you’re searching for unique souvenirs, including fresh Turkish delight and deliciously sweet local honey.

Modern meets traditional

In 1957, Fethiye fell victim to a devastating earthquake, which dramatically changed the local landscape. Around 90% of public buildings were damaged or destroyed, which means the Fethiye you visit today has been almost entirely rebuilt over recent decades. The result is a clean, attractive destination with lots of streamlined architecture and hints of the city’s ancient past, which can still be spotted around the old town and beyond.

Food & drink

Fethiye is practically packed with great places to eat and drink, with something to satisfy every taste and appetite among the pretty streets. Head up the coast road, Karagözler, for a choice of eateries with picture-perfect harbour views. Paspatur, Fethiye’s old town, is also home to lots of traditional food spots for a bite on-the-go or something more substantial. Pull up a chair on a restaurant terrace, sit back, and watch the world go by. Or grab a Turkish kebab to snack on while you wander around Fethiye for an authentic and delicious experience.

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Map of Fethiye

10-28 ℃

For the best of the sunshine, book your holidays to Fethiye between the months of June and August.

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Approximately four hours

Flights land at Dalaman Airport, which is roughly 50 minutes’ drive from the resort.

Fethiye is best for...

Beach lovers: Fethiye is home to some of the country’s best beaches. You’ll find the famous Blue Lagoon a mere 20 minutes away.

Sightseers: No holiday here would be complete without dipping a toe into its fascinating past. There are plenty of historical sights to see and explore, including the breathtaking Tomb of Amyntas.

Adventurers: Whether you enjoy water sports, hiking, cycling or horse-riding, you’ll find plenty of opportunity for outdoor adventures on your holidays here.

Fast facts for Fethiye

Language: The language spoken in Fethiye is Turkish. While the locals have a good grasp of English, take a phrasebook or app so you can try out a few simple Turkish phrases for yourself.

Currency: You’ll need to exchange your Sterling for Turkish Lira before jetting off on your holiday.

Local time: Fethiye is 2 hours ahead of GMT/UK time.

Fly to: Dalaman Airport. Transfers to Fethiye take between 50 minutes and 1.5 hours.

Flight time from UK: The flight time to Fethiye is 4 hours.

Visas and health: If you’re a British Citizen and you’re travelling to Fethiye for a holiday, you will not need a visa unless you are planning on staying for more than 90 days in a 180-day period. If you need any more advice on Turkey visas, or entry requirements - please visit FCDO website for the latest guidance.  

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Getting around Fethiye

By dolmus: Dolmuses, or mini buses, operate around once an hour between the town centre and local beaches and attractions. They’re an easy and affordable way to get around within the resort.

By car: If you’re interested in exploring in your own time, hiring a car may be the best option. There are a number of competitive car hire companies located at Dalaman Airport.

By bike: Fethiye is a pleasant place to explore on two wheels, and easy to get around within the resort. Outside the resort, the roads begin to get steep, and cycling further afield should be left to experienced cyclists.

Events in Fethiye

Culture and arts: If you book your holiday here in May, you might just catch the Fethiye Culture and Arts Festival. For four days, the resort acts as host to local artists, bands, musicians and actors who put on a series of performances at venues across the region.

Air games: It’s eyes on the skies every October, as the long-awaited professional Ölüdeniz Air Games come to town. Held in nearby Olu Deniz, the games all have one thing in common: they take place up in the air! Expect a week’s worth of watching skydiving, base jumping and more, with shows and displays taking place over Babadag Mountain and on Olu Deniz’s beach.

Fethiye weather

Temperature: 10°C - 28°C

If you’re looking for some serious tanning weather, book your break between June and August, when the temperature typically tips into the high twenties (°C), with occasional nudges into the thirties. However, if that sounds a bit too warm, the spring and autumn months see the mercury hovering in the mid-twenties, with fewer crowds. Even in the winter, Fethiye is mild with the temperature rarely dropping below 10°C. 

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