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If you’re looking to treat your family or your better half to a little slice of luxury, then book one of our holidays to Kalkan. Once an idyllic fishing village, this holiday resort is now a mixture of old-school Turkish charm and modern, high-end hotels. Among the narrow streets, you’ll find brightly-decorated shops, cafés, and restaurants. This isn’t the place to find pizzas and burgers: the tavernas and restaurants here serve traditional Turkish cuisine, although they’ll make something simpler for confused-looking holidaymakers! History buffs can spend some time visiting some of the finest Roman ruins in the region, while if you’ve got a taste for adventure you can go kite-surfing, quad-bike across the sands, horse-riding at sunset, take boat trips along the coast, or wallow in a rejuvenating mud-bath at the nearby springs. However, if your idea of downtime is to park yourself on a sun lounger and catch some rays, Kalkan is blessed with some of the best beaches around!

Things to do

The best place to get your bearings is on the picturesque waterfront. There, you’ll find some laid-back bars and rustic restaurants in which to enjoy a cheeky drink or a leisurely lunch. If the sapphire-coloured sea takes your fancy, make for the marina, where you can hop aboard a coastal cruise. Anyone with even the faintest interest in history should visit some of the area’s historical sites. Xanthos boasts a superbly preserved Roman amphitheatre, alongside some imposing tombs and a Byzantine street. Alternatively, lose yourself in the markets in the Old Town and hunt out some treasures of your own.

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12-26 ℃

The summer months get extremely hot, with temperatures in the thirties. If you prefer cooler conditions, book your holidays to Kalkan in the spring or autumn.

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Flights here land at Dalaman Airport, which is about 122km from the resort.