5 Things to do in Kalkan

If you're visiting Kalkan, things to do include everything from lounging on a golden stretch of sand to hiking through the breathtaking Saklikent Gorge and so much more. With the town's location on the Turkish Mediterranean coast, you'll get to enjoy constant warmth and sunshine for most of the year. While it's the perfect spot for a heavenly holiday of blissful relaxation, you'll soon discover that there's a lot of exciting things to do in Kalkan.

Things to do

Thirsty for adventure? Why not take a break from exploring the land and head out to sea instead? A Turkish boat tour will take you along the stunning coastline, where you need to keep an eye out for exotic birds nesting in the crevasses of the surrounding rocky cliffs. Some boat tours will also offer fun activities such as snorkelling and scuba diving. Both of these options give you the chance to explore life beneath the sky blue sea and are perfect if you want to try something new.

Water sports are available on the beach including paddle boarding and jet skiing. The Blue Flag beach along Kalkan's turquoise coast offers excellent conditions for some snorkelling. When you're ready for a break from all the excitement, head towards the promenade for a bite to eat in a café or enjoy a few refreshing drinks in a beach bar.

Places to visit

Historian fans won't want to miss the opportunity to visit Xanthos, one of the most interesting places to visit in Kalkan. Discover the remains of huge tombs and wander through an ancient temple that was once the main place of worship in this ancient city. The site is an official UNESCO World Heritage Site and you're free to explore its Roman streets and discover the remains of a few well-preserved Lycian tombs.

Another one of the most exciting historical places to see is the nearby ancient site of Tlos. You can take a taxi to the site from Kalkan or rent a car and follow the signposted road the whole way. When you arrive, you'll uncover an ancient Roman stadium, stunning columns, cave tombs and the remains of a mysterious fortress.


Not far away lies one of the most visited Kalkan attractions, which is the magnificent Saklikent Gorge. Home to rushing river rapids and stunning mountainous views, this is an experience you'll remember for a lifetime. Hop on a rubber ring and glide down the river with an exciting rafting tour through the gorge. Chances are, you're going to get a little wet, so make sure to bring an extra change of clothes. You can also stop off at the restaurant, which happens to be suspended above the river.

Not afraid of ghosts? Challenge yourself with a visit to the abandoned ghost village of Kayakóy, which has been left to its own devices since 1923. Explore the old-time Greek houses and churches, where you'll find the remains of the previous tenants. To see more artefacts from the village, check out the private museum, which includes a fountain from the 17th century.


Things to do