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A small town on the south coast of Kos, Kardamena has all the makings of a great beach holiday. This lively Mediterranean destination is popular with holidaymakers looking for the best nightlife combined with relaxing lazy days on the beach. Whether you’re here with your partner, your family, or with a group of friends, Karadamena is a chilled out and easy-going destination with plenty to see and do. Holidays to Kardamena are all about fun in the sunshine and nights on the town, great days out with the kids, and splashing about in the water.

Things to do

Kardamena is the nightlife hotspot in Kos and with its lengthy, golden sand beach and lines of bars, it’s the ideal place for groups of friends to really let go and have fun. The resort is great for all night partying but there’s also lots of things to do during the day. With warm, clear water, snorkelling and diving are exciting activities for the whole family. You can also try windsurfing or head out to sea on a boat trip. 

Tavernas and beach bars will become your second home during your holiday and you’ll soon see why. With the freshest Greek seafood and classic dishes like gyros and fries, this cuisine is perfect for recuperation after a wild night out. 

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10-26 °C year-round

Kardamena holidays enjoy a Mediterranean climate. That means long, hot summers and mild winters.

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Approximately 4 hours