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Kefalos holidays

29 ℃

Kefalos holidays are best taken in June, July and August for hot, dry weather and warm seas. 

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4 hours

Kos Island International Airport (KGS).

Weather and climate in Kefalos

Temperature: Average of 27°C in July.

Best time to visit: Early summer for plenty of sunshine and very little rain. Kos has a Mediterranean climate which offers dry heat and sub-tropical temperatures. Summers start heating up around May, and maintain a mid-20s (°C) average for up to six months. July and August are the hottest months, sometimes reaching the low 30s with a water temperature of around 25 (°C).

Kefalos is best for...

Sightseers: The island of Kos has been inhabited for well over 2,000 years and Kefalos is full of historic sights. With its famous monastery Aghios Ionnis and the ancient Aspri Petra Cave nearby, anybody who likes history will love exploring this fascinating part of Kos. 

Beach lovers: Kefalos holidays are based around one of Kos’ most beautiful beaches. Golden bay in Kefalos is a wonderful place to relax or get stuck into the local watersports.

Couples: Tuck into the local cuisine under candlelight with the sound of the Aegean Sea lapping the shore nearby. Between the idyllic beach, charming old town, and an easy-going Greek nightlife, Kefalos is ideal for a romantic holiday with your partner. 

Fast facts for Kefalos

Language: The language spoken here is Greek, although English is also widely spoken in the main tourist hot spots.

Currency: The currency used is the Euro (€).

Local time: Kefalos is 2 hours ahead of GMT/UK time.

Fly to: Kos Airport. Transfers to Kefalos take 30 minutes.

Flight time from UK: The flight time to Kefalos is 4 hours.

Tourist Information: Further tourist information can be found at www.visitgreece.gr

Visa / Health: Before you travel, visit www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/greece for recommendations and advice on visas and health for your holiday to Kefalos.

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  • Getting around Kefalos

    By bus: A regular bus service connects this beautiful Greek town to others nearby,  like Kos Town and Kardamena. Buses are a cheap way of going from town to town and you’ll feel more like a local.

    By quad bike: Have some serious fun and hire yourself a quad bike. These are a popular option for getting around in Kos’ resorts and further afield as the sun is shining and you can explore on your own time.

    By car: Hiring a car is a great way for a family to get around and the roads are generally easy to navigate. Because the island isn’t too big, most places in Kos can be reached in around an hour by car and you can take hiking shoes, beach towels and everything else you might need for the perfect day out.

    Events in Kefalos

    Fish festival: Kefalos is an historic fishing town and while it may do a roaring tourist trade now, the locals are still very proud of their fishing traditions. Watch the fisherman lay out their nets on the harbour every day, and join in the celebrations with ouzo and fresh fish in late September each year at the fish festival. 

    Wine festival: Greece produces fantastic wine and the locals will be all too happy to get you to fall in love with it. Each August a wine festival is held in Mastichari on the north-western coastline. 

    Hippokrateia Festival: Throughout July and August each year Kos celebrates the Father of Medicine, Hippocrates, who was born here over 2,000 years ago. This festival is rich with culture, theatre performances, Ancient Greek plays, and lots of dancing. 

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