Antisamos Beach Greece

It's not only holidaymakers that have realised the beauty of this Sami gem. You may recognise it as being the backdrop for the film ”Captain Corelli's Mandolin'. A beach day has never been so elegant and astounding as a day spent here at Antisamos Beach.

When you arrive, you'll be overwhelmed by the lush, green backdrop leading down to the smooth white pebbles, which glisten in the sun as the waves wash over them. The beach's calm water makes it ideal for many trying some exciting water sports.

You'll find Antisamos perfect for snorkelling, diving and swimming, so take the opportunity to get out into the water and check out the colourful marine life for yourself.

But if relaxing in the sun is more your thing, you're in luck as the many waterfront tavernas are close by with some lovely refreshments, meaning you can easily enjoy a whole day by the beach.

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