Avg weather in December
9 Hrs per day
147 mm per month
66 % avg
16 Mph avg

Kefalos Weather in December

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What’s the weather like in Kefalos in December?

Winter’s in Kefalos are quite mild compared to other European regions that experience far cooler temperatures. There’s also an increased chance of rain in December, with cloudy days becoming more regular towards the end of the month.

Geographical influences

If you want to escape the bleak winters back home, visiting Kefalos in December is a great plan. You’ll get to experience a Mediterranean winter, which is very mild and a lot drier than winter in the UK. Its central location means that it’s easy to get around the island either by foot or bus and you can even hop on a boat for exciting day trips to neighbouring islands.


The average temperature in December is 16°C, which is quite mild considering it’s the middle of winter. There are nine hours of blissful sunshine each day and it isn’t until the sun goes down that temperatures drop to lows of 11°C. Kefalos weather in December is also very wet and you’ll notice a significant increase from previous months. In total, there will be an average of 147mm of rain spread throughout the month, which means your chances of seeing rain is very high.


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