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Parga holidays

9°C - 25°C

If you want your holiday to be splashed with Mediterranean sunshine, book your break between May and September, when the temperatures creep into the high twenties.

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Flight time from UK:

Approximately three hours 30 minutes

Weather and climate in Parga

If you’re looking to make the most of the sunshine, book your break between May and September, when the temperatures climb from the mid-twenties °C and climb into the high thirties °C. For slightly cooler weather, come in spring or autumn, when you can expect fewer crowds, plenty of sunny days and average temperatures in mid-teens. Rainfall picks up in the winter, but the weather's still mild. 

Parga is best for...

Scenery lovers: Set against soaring mountains, a scooped-out bay, olive orchards and the babbling, blue Acheron River, the scenery around here is perfect for those who like to embrace the Great Outdoors.

Beach lovers: With sun-bleached sands, sapphire-blue sea and wreathed by fragrant pines, Lychnos Beach offers a beautiful backdrop against which to soak up some rays. 

Relaxation seekers: Parga’s Old Town is a labyrinth of cobbled streets and colourful houses. Grab a strong, Greek coffee in a quiet café and watch the locals go about their business. 

Fast facts for Parga

Language: The language spoken here is Greek. While the locals have a basic command of English, it’s worth packing a phrasebook or downloading our handy language app, just to show willing!

Currency: You’ll need to change-up your Sterling for Euros, before you zip off on your holidays to Parga.

Local time: Parga is 2 hours ahead of GMT/UK time.

Fly: Aktion National Airport. The transfer time to Parga is around 1 hour. 

Flight time from the UK: The flight time to Parga is 3.5 hours.

Tourist information: Further tourist information can be found here

Getting around Parga

By foot: Parga is a small town that can be easily navigated on foot. Start early at the town centre. The walk to Anthousa village, Valtos Beach and Alis Pasha Castle offers beautiful views. 

By taxi boat: For easy transport to Lychnos and Valtos Beach, hop on a local taxi boat from the harbour. Boats run every day and return tickets cost under ten euros. 

By scooter: For a more scenic tour, zip through the town on a hired scooter. There are rental companies at the town centre. 

Events in Parga

Religious Festival: On the 15th August each year, the locals celebrate the Dormition of the Virgin Mary, on Pangia Island. Thousands make their way to worship at the monastery there, before the party kicks off. Expect music, food, drinking, dancing and a fantastic firework display.

Kanaria Festival: Visit in August and you might catch the highlight of Parga’s cultural celebrations, the Kanaria Festival. This folk festival is held to observe the return of Pargians to the homeland after their extradition in the 19th Century. Locals return to Panagia Island in spectacularly decorated boats, where they are greeted with fireworks, live music and dancing. 

Lampatines: Culture vultures won’t want to miss this traditional festival on the 24th June, when locals celebrate St. John the Baptist with traditional dances and the lighting of fires in the neighbourhoods. 

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