Acheron River Parga Greece

Steeped in ancient mythology and drenched in natural beauty, the Acheron River is a must-visit on your holiday to Parga. With a source over 50 kilometres from Parga, the river flows into Ionian Sea in Ammoudia.

This little seaside village is less than 20 kilometres away from Parga by road, a journey that takes around 25 minutes. There are a number of places you can head to where you can enjoy the waters of the Acheron River though, and there are tours that take you to some of the best bits.

In ancient Greek mythology, the Acheron was one of the underworld's five rivers, and it had to be crossed by the newly dead. It was known for its healing properties, where sins could be washed away, rather than as a place of punishment like the Cocytus, which means the ”river of wailing'.

Try to visit on a warm day, when the refreshing water's a real treat. It's not hard to conjure up thoughts of the river's healing powers as you splash your way through the shallow current. You'll wade through the crystal clear water surrounded by rocky slopes, steep cliffs, and lush vegetation.

If you have a waterproof camera then you'll get some great photos to take home with you. Keep your eye out for birds of prey circling above too, as you amble past striking rock formations and pretty waterfalls.

For something a bit different, you can ride a horse through the river, or go rafting instead.

After paddling down rapids, stop for a picnic beside the water as you take in the beautiful scenery. When you return to Parga, head to Sugar Bar and raise a toast to your day at the Acheron River.

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