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Settle down for a few drinks and a bite to eat by the pool with a visit to Parga's Mango Club. Just a five minute walk from Valtos Beach, it's a great place to relax at any time of the day. There's a lovely atmosphere to Mango Club, whether you arrive early in the morning for a coffee and a swim, or later on in the evening for some dinner.

You can easily spend the day by the pool soaking up some golden Greek sunshine as you wait for the night's entertainment to start. Lay down your towel on one of the sun loungers at the start of the day and go for a dip in the nice clean pool.

After sitting back with a good book for a while, you might start feeling hungry. You can order light bites like a fresh Greek salad for lunch, which you can eat in the shade or under the sun. There's a happy hour every evening, which includes a selection of delicious cocktails. So stick around and have your dinner at Mango Club too, choosing between freshly prepared Greek dishes like moussaka and stuffed vine leaves. The friendly staff will look after you as you wait for some live music to start, while you can also take advantage of the free WiFi.

Sip an exotic cocktail, cool beer or glass of local wine as the band do a quick soundcheck. Then dance barefoot by the side of the pool as they play some classic tunes, just make sure you keep an eye on where the edge of the water is so you don't spoil your clothes.

Mango Club stays open until the early hours, so you can stay and have a good time until you're ready to go back to your hotel for some sleep. In the morning, head down to Valtos Beach or go on a Marco Polo boat trip.

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