Marco Polo Boat Trip from Parga

Set sail across the crystal waters of the Ionian Sea with a Marco Polo Boat Trip. As one of the best boat trips you can find from Parga, you're sure to create lots of great memories on your exciting adventure.

Based at Parga's port in the town's pretty bay, you'll meet your crew for the day as you climb aboard the Marco Polo. As you leave the harbour behind, look back for views of the town where it spills down towards the sea. Then turn your attention to what's in front of you, as you gaze out across the sparkling waters.

The captain will steer you towards the island of Antipaxos first, a pleasant journey takes about an hour and a half. You'll have the breeze on your face the whole time. Sit back and enjoy the sunshine, and keep your eye out for dolphins swimming next to the boat. You'll have the chance to go swimming and snorkelling when you get to Antipaxos, before you move on to the incredible Blue Caves.

Jump into the clear waters and swim into the caves, feeling the temperature dip as you move out of the sunlight. After exploring the inside of the caves, you'll feel the sun on your face again as you emerge from the cavern.

From the Blue Caves you'll carry on to Paxos and the island's biggest settlement, the port of Gaios. You can get off the boat here and wander around the village, trying fresh fish in the traditional taverns, or shopping for jewellery and handmade crafts down tight alleyways.

You'll get back to Parga before the evening sets in, so head to Valtos Beach for a romantic sunset before going for a few cocktails at Sugar Bar.

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