Kos Town Castle Greece

To discover more about the history of Kos Town, a visit to the Castle is a must. Located in the centre of the harbour, the fortification, otherwise known as The Castle of the Knights Order of Saint John, has huge grounds, making it a great spot for families to enjoy a picnic before wandering through the ancient ruins.

The castle has two areas; the main castle with four large towers, and an outer area with bastions and gun ports. The two are separated by a moat, and joined by a drawbridge. The castle itself is built with local stone and the remains of ancient buildings, so look out for interesting details in the architecture, especially on the higher parts of the walls.

As you walk through the castle gates and onto the battlements, take your time admiring the beautiful views out to sea as far as Turkey. The scenery is simply breath-taking, so don't forget to take your camera! Once you've explored the castle grounds, go to the on-site museum and browse the sculptures and inscriptions. There's also an exhibit of Roman artefacts and original mosaics from the castle.

After your visit, spend some time exploring the old harbour before heading to Eleftherias Square to unwind in the tavernas or stroll through the marketplace. The Tree of Hippocrates, an ancient oriental tree believed to have been where Hippocrates taught his students, can also be found in the port.

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