Kalamata holidays

Kalamata holidays

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Sitting pretty on the southern tip of Greece, within the beautiful Peloponnese region, you’ll discover the bustling seaside city of Kalamata. This place is an absolute haven for foodies; it’s Greece’s culinary heart and the land of olive oil, you’ll find lush groves galore lining the roads.

Built on top of the ancient city of Pharai, Holidays to Kalamata are a favourite destination among culture lovers; as well as the charming Old Town, you’ll find museum-lined streets to pique your interest. On top of all that, you’ll find little beach resorts along the Ionian coast, serving up relaxation and a wealth of watersports.

Things to do

When it comes to things to do in Kalamata, you’ve got masses to choose from. You’ll get a real feel for traditional life too, as it still feels authentically Greek, with its maze of white buildings and terracotta-topped roofs running down to the city’s marina. Whether you’re a foodie, a history buff or a beach lover, there’s plenty to keep you occupied throughout your holidays to Kalamata.

You can spend your time dining in traditional tavernas (don’t forget to try the olives!), exploring museums and ancient sights, or soak up the glorious sunshine down on the beach. And if you feel like heading out beyond the city, you can hire a car and venture out into the region’s mountain range and the foothills of Mount Taygetos.

Steeped in history

The Greeks are full of pride when it comes to their history and the people of Kalamata are no exception. From preserved cities to historical displays, if you’re a culture vulture looking for a holiday with plenty of discovery, Kalamata could be the destination for you. Wander around the museum-lined streets and soak up its charms before arriving at your chosen museum for your chance to delve into history. Pretty paintings, ancient artefacts and military memoirs are just some of what awaits you. Plan a day trip to uncover some of the nearby archaeological sites if you wish to take a look at the ruins.

Typically Greek experiences

Whitewashed buildings with terracotta roof tops, narrow cobbled streets, tavernas serving traditional foods and bustling markets: Kalamata is perfect for those looking for an authentically Greek experience. Whilst you’re in Kalamata, you have to try the olives; you’ll find that they’re served in most of the tavernas and bars as the people of Kalamata are proud of their most famous export. Olive oil is also a Kalamata delicacy and you can pick up a bottle from street markets or at an olive mill.

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Map of Kalamata

35 ℃

Long, dry summers with scorching peak temperatures in July.

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4 hours

Kalamata International Airport (KLX)

Kalamata is best for...

Foodies: You won’t be able to resist sampling the famous olives in their home territory. If you’ve got a sweet tooth then the figs here are some of Greece’s finest; you’ll find them served up in lots of the local restaurants. 

Culture vultures: Kalamata in Greece is situated in in the heart of an ancient region, and you’ll see a glimpse into its past in the pretty Old Town. 2,300-year-old ruins await over in Messeni, less than an hour’s drive away.

Explorers: Go and explore the wild, green foothills of Mount Taygetos and spend a day trekking along rivers or climbing soaring peaks. Or you could take a drive along the 59-km road between Kalmata and Sparta; it’s one of Greece’s most beautiful drives.

Fast facts for Kalamata

Language: Greek, although English is widely spoken in the major tourist spots.

Currency: Euro (€).

Local time: Kalamata is 2 hours ahead of GMT/UK time.

Fly to: Kalamata International Airport. The transfer time to the main resort of Stoupa is 1.5 hours.

Flight time from UK: The flight time to Kalamata is 4 hours.

Tourist information: To find out more, it’s worth visiting www.visitgreece.gr before your Greece holidays. 



Getting around Kalamata

By bus: You’ll find regular bus and tram services running between the seafront and the main streets in the city centre, and tickets are low-cost. 

By bike: Hire one with pedals or one with an engine; either way, it’s a great way to explore. You’ll find bike paths near the waterfront and in the city centre.

By hire car: If you want the absolute freedom to explore the region and beyond at your own pace, this is the best way to travel around. You can pick up a hire car at the resort, and prices tend to be affordable.

Events in Kalamata

Carnival: In February, Kalamata joins in with carnival celebrations across Greece, you’ll find plenty going on. Explore colourful performances, parades and dancing in the central square, and crazy costumes and parties throughout the day and night. 

Independence Day: It’s celebrated annually in Greece on March 25th, with festivities and events taking place across the country. Kalamata is a superb place to experience it, with parades, great music and spectacular firework displays galore. 

Kalamata International Dance Festival: This festival has taken place here every year for 20 years. In July, the city hosts exciting events in venues across the city, featuring established and up-and-coming dancers and choreographers from all over the country.

Kalamata weather

Temperature: Temperatures peak in July at a scorching 35°C.

Best time to visit: If you want the best weather for exploring, book Kalamata holidays for spring, when average temperatures hover in the mid-teens (°C).
In summer, you’re all but guaranteed good weather in here. Things really start heating up from June, and by mid-summer temperatures above 30°C aren’t uncommon. Rainfall is virtually non-existent until early autumn, when the city can experience heavy storms from time to time. Rain showers persist throughout winter, but you can still enjoy plenty of sunny days and pleasant highs in the mid-teens.

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