Delve into history at the museums

Greeks are very proud of their history and love to share their stories and artefacts from throughout the years. Whether you're a history buff or just like to know a little bit more about where you're visiting, Kalamata isn't short of museums for you to explore.

If you want to know more and are interested in the journey Kalamata has gone on from the past until now, make sure you stop by the Military Museum. Learn about the military's role in Kalamata being one of the first areas to gain independence from Turkey and what Kalamata did during World War I & II. Ex-service men, and those currently serving, deliver the guided tours of the museum so if you really want to get an in-depth talk of what you're looking at, we suggest you take up the offer of a tour.

Take a walk down cobbled streets and in the heart of Kalamata's ancient city you'll find the Archaeological Museum of Messenia. The museum invites you to travel back through history and uncover the artefacts that time left behind. Split geographically into the regions of Kalamata, Trifylia, Messini and Pylia, it gives you a chance to learn a little bit more about each area and what was found from the ancient sites.

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