Explore the old city of Kalamata

The old city of Kalamata is a complete contrast to the modern city, full of traditionally Greek buildings with whitewashed walls and terracotta-topped roofs. As you wander around the narrow cobbled streets you'll feel as though you've been transported to another time as you discover the old buildings, stone churches and the shops and markets selling locally produced goods.

Standing proudly at the top of a hill is Kalamata Castle. Due to an earthquake in the 1980s it got structurally damaged so you can't go inside it, but you can walk around the outside of it and marvel at the beautiful stone work. Whilst you're at the top you can look around at the amazing views of the old and the new city; you'll really be able to see the difference between the two parts from here.

The old city can be just as vibrant as the newer part at times with the historic March 23rd Square, so called because on this date in1821 the clans met tobegin Greece's seven-year struggleto repel Turkish occupation. It can be, at times, quite busy as there's everything you could need here from shops and markets to traditional bakeries and authentic tavernas serving delicious Greek food.

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