Check out the Stoupa countryside

Stoupa has a beautiful countryside, so if you do fancy getting away for a while, you'll be treated to the breathtaking natural beauty of a country that has been unspoiled by modern life. You'll find an easy-going atmosphere that makes it ideal for couples as you find the locals who've embraced a calmer and more relaxed way of living.

History lovers are in for a treat with the medieval architecture of nearby Upper Kardamyli, high up on the hillside above the coast. Kardamyli has everything that makes Greek medieval architecture such a treat to be seen.

Checking out the rugged and wild terrain of The Mani peninsula is also a must, as you'll find so much preserved nature in its spectacular original state. Next you should visit Lakonian Mani, which has a very different coastline compared with Stoupa, and has rustic stone towers, ancient churches and is full of traditional charm.

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