Stoupa holidays

Stoupa holidays

Travel to a charming old fishing village perched on Greece’s southern tip, within the Mani peninsula of the Peloponnese for an amazing Stoupa holiday. The lifestyle here is traditional and easy-going, so it’s the perfect place to relax. You’ll find yourself surrounded by stunning natural beauty that’s ready waiting for you to discover, with the beautiful Taygetos Mountains right on your doorstep.

You won’t want to miss out on the beach either; it’s one of the prettiest for miles around. And don’t forget to pay a visit to the historic Byzantine capital of Mystras and the mysterious Diros Caves when you’re ready for an adventure.

Things to do

The peaceful village of Stoupa really comes alive in the summer, when holidays to Stoupa bring in visitors from all over Europe and beyond. You can take your time adjusting to the warm Greek climate down on the unspoilt Stoupa Beach; it’s one of the finest shores in the region, with its gentle curve of sand and crystal-clear waters.

Not only is this a superb place to relax, but it’s also a dream destination for water sports lovers too, with diving and snorkelling just some of the highlights. When you’re feeling up to an adventure, it’s well worth taking a hike through the rolling hills of the Mani peninsula. Or you could plan a daytrip to the UNESCO-protected Mystras, the former Byzantine capital. When you get back here, balmy evenings call for mingling with the locals at welcoming tavernas and restaurants.

The Diros Caves

Stoupa has an air of mystery about it thanks to the magical Diros Caves. These caves can only be reached by boat, which gives you the chance to see the spectacular rock formations that were formed thousands of years ago. Once you arrive inside the caves you’ll be able to read all about the history and even see the perfectly preserved skeletons of the people who once called these caves home.

Traditional Greece

You’ll find great views all over Stoupa, with many areas being completely unspoilt by modern buildings. No matter where you go around the area, you’ll stumble upon quaint villages that still retain all of their rustic charm. Also make sure that you visit a local taverna while you are there to try the world-renowned Kalamata olives that are grown locally in the region.

Fun for all the children

With plenty of fun and excitement all around, Stoupa is a resort perfect for keeping the children occupied. The open-air railway museum at Kalamata gives children a chance to experience what remains of the local history. There are lots of beaches with fun activities for the whole family, such as scuba diving and snorkelling in the calm, blue waters.

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Map of Stoupa

25 ℃

Choose summer for warm sunshine without the humidity

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4 hours

Kalamata International Airport (KLX).

Stoupa is best for...

Beach lovers: Picturesque Stoupa Beach promises silky-soft sand, clear waters and inviting seafront tavernas. And you can try your hand at snorkelling, too. What more could you possibly want from a laid-back beach holiday?

Couples: Breath-taking natural beauty and an easy-going atmosphere make this place a glorious retreat for couples. You’ll love watching the sunset over the horizon from the comfort of a waterfront restaurant. 

Adventurers: If you love to get out and about in nature, lace up your walking boots and explore the region’s rich landscape. You’ll be surrounded by the spectacular Taygetos Mountains, with the fascinating Diros Caves nearby.

Fast facts for Stoupa

Language: Greek, with English spoken in most of the resorts, hotels and restaurants.

Currency: Euro (€).

Local time: Stoupa is 2 hours ahead of GMT/UK time.

Fly to: Kalamata International Airport. It takes 1.5 hours to transfer to Stoupa. 

Flight time from the UK: The flight time to Stoupa is 4 hours.

Tourist information: Find out more about over at

Visa / health: For visa and health recommendations and advice, check out before Stoupa holidays 2017. 

Getting around Stoupa

By bus: An affordable and efficient way to get around the Peloponnese. Services tend to be cheap and run regularly from Stoupa to nearby resorts and towns like Kalamata.

By taxi: They’re readily available in the area and can be an affordable option for airport transfers or sightseeing. Check the fare with the driver before you set off.

By hire car: It’s the best way to explore Stoupa and beyond at your own pace. The roads in the Peloponnese region are generally in good condition and straightforward to navigate. 

Events in Stoupa

Independence Day: It’s celebrated annually in Greece on March 25th, with festivities and events taking place across the country. The nearby city of Kalamata (a 45-minute drive) is a brilliant place to experience Independence Day, with days and days of colourful parades, great music and spectacular firework displays.

Kalamata International Dance Festival: Also in Kalamata, this festival had taken place every year for 20 years. In July, the city plays host to exciting events in venues across the city, featuring established and up-and-coming dancers and choreographers from all over the country.

Stoupa weather

Temperature: Enjoy average summer temperatures 25°C, and plenty of sun

Best time to visit: Book Stoupa holidays for early summer if you like warm sunshine without the humidity.

The Peloponnese region of Greece enjoys a sunny Mediterranean climate, with long, dry summers and mild winters. Temperatures here hover in the mid-20s (°C) around May and June, and peak at 30°C in July and August. 

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