clothes before hitting the beach. Speaking of beaches, Kavos is home to a long stretch of golden sand that benefits from crystal clear waters and epic sea views. Grab a beach towel and lie in the sun or seek shelter under an umbrella and read a good book as the warm sunshine graces your skin. See more of the area with a boat ride to Paxos, a small island just a half hour from Kavos. Wander through its olive groves, explore its charming villages and enjoy a peaceful time in Greek luxury without the hustle and bustle.


If you're on a holiday with the family, treat them to a day out at the Water Fun Park, which is the biggest waterpark in Greece. Let the kids play in the park and whizz down slides as you relax by the pool with a refreshing cocktail in hand. A few other Kavos attractions include the Monastery of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which is set in a rural landscape offering magnificent views of the coast. Another major attraction is the Arkoudilas Beach, which is a huge stretch of golden sand with clean waters lapping the shoreline. It's a great beach to escape to and tends to be quieter than the other beaches in Kavos, which is also a reason why the locals call it the 'Secret Beach.'

Things to do in Kavos

In Kavos, things to do come easy and tend to come alive more at night when the pubs and clubs open their doors and everyone flocks to enjoy great music and drinks all night. The main strip is the place to be to access the best spots and the best part is that it's right across from the beach. So, you can literally sunbathe one minute and the next, you could be toasting with friends and preparing to show off your best moves on the dancefloor. A fantastic club to hit at night is Future, which has three dancing arenas for you to choose from. Themed parties are a regular occurrence, so you might need to pack a few different outfits to coincide with those. If you're in the mood for a more laid-back party vibe, head over to La Scala, where you can chill out with a refreshing drink and listen to some great music.

4 Things to do in Kavos