Explore the ruins on Spinalonga

Just across the water from Elounda lies Spinalonga (also called Kalydon), a little islet with a fascinating past. You may have read about it in Victoria Hislop's bestselling novel ”The Island'; if not, it's a great holiday read. Leave Elounda's vibrant harbour behind and take the 15 minute boat trip across to the rocky islet at the entrance to the bay. T

here, you can see the ruins of a Venetian fortress and walk around the streets of a 20th century leper colony. Spinalonga village is abandoned but it's easy to imagine what it was like to live there, separated from the mainland by such a small stretch of sea, yet unable to leave. You should be able to get some lovely photos too, as there are great views out to sea and back to Elounda.

No wonder this tiny place is one of the top archaeological attractions in Crete.

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