Monemvasia Greece

Hop on a boat from Stoupa to the medieval town of Monemvasia for its cobbled streets, towering castles and romantic charm. If you're looking for somewhere to go for your honeymoon or you want to immerse yourself in traditional Greek lifestyle, put Monemvasia at the top of your list. Ancient myths and folklore are at the heart of everyday life in this fairy tale town,o prepare to feel like a kid again and immerse yourself in the magic of Monemvasia.

Uncover secrets of the castle

Your first stop in Monemvasia has got to be the majestic castle founded in the year 583. Duck in and out of arched pathways as you venture through the grounds. Explore the cobbled streets of the village and uncover secrets that knights once swore to protect.

Nowadays, the castle grounds are open to the public and you're free to roam around at your leisure. In the Lower Town, you'll see modern cafes, tavernas and shops. But, it's not too hard to imagine what it was like thousands of years ago as many of the original structures and buildings are still there. Walk through crumbling churches and enjoy some wine tasting at one of the local bars. You'll also find many restaurants catering to all kinds of tastes, which means you never have to travel far to have your fill.

Visit the medieval village of Kastro

The castle's known as Kastro, and so's the area around it. You can hop on a mini-bus that will take you anywhere you need to go, although you can pretty much walk to all the main attractions. If you've already seen the fortress, you can begin exploring nearby sights.

Head to the 12th-century churches of Agia Sofia, Panagia Chrissafitissa and Panagia Myrtidiotissa, known for their intricate architecture. If you've travelled to Monemvasia with someone special, take them on a romantic stroll through the medieval streets.

They're lined with boutiques, tavernas and quirky souvenir shops. Pick up a few things as you go and take your time as you find your way through a labyrinth of winding stairways, narrow streets and walled gardens. End the evening overlooking the Myrtoan Sea from a terrace near the castle. Make sure you find one that offers sensational views of the entire village and beyond.

Monemvasia beaches

When you want to escape the tourists and enjoy some time away from the crowds, head to the shoreline. Here, you can sunbathe, read a book beneath an umbrella or go for a swim in the sea. In walking distance from Monemvasia is Mandraki Beach.

If you're on holiday with your family, the shallow waters here are great for young children to splash about in. Play a fun game of volleyball on the beach. Or, take the kids to the local water sports centre to find something suitable for the whole family.

Nearby restaurants offer a range of delicious dishes, and they're just a stone's throw away from the beach.

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