Family holidays to Kalamata

Explore one of the most family-friendly places in Greece with a fantastic Kalamata family holiday. There's plenty to keep you and the kids entertained during your stay, including stunning beaches, water sports, bustling markets, boat tours and hiking treks to get your adrenaline pumping.

Almost all of the streets and roads in this town are outlined with beautiful natural groves that are used to produce olive oil. You'll get a taste of its unique flavour in many of the local restaurants, which use local produce in many of their dishes.

For a family day out, head to the ancient city of Pharai that's home to a tall castle offering spectacular views of the entire city. If you're a family of hikers, you won't want to miss trekking through the Taygetos Mountains before heading back to the hotel for a well-deserved rest. Enjoy a unique tour through sea caves and across picturesque fishing villages as you paddle your canoe across the glistening sea.

You can also try something different, such as river rafting and river trekking for a more exciting experience. Soak up culture at the Archaeological Museum of Messenia and stop by the Church of Agioi Apostoloi to view the amazing architecture and artwork inside the church.

If anyone in the family is a fan of old-fashioned puzzle games, they'll love a visit to the Great Escape Kalamata. This is one of Greece's best escape rooms and provides plenty of stimulating entertainment that'll get your mind working overtime as you try and solve the various puzzles in order to escape.

Book one of our amazing Kalamata family holidays and it'll be one of the best holidays you'll ever take together as a family.

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