Sea Turtles In Katelios Bay Greece

Katelios as a destination is ideal for nature lovers as there are several country routes to walk along. Some off-road tracks lead into the hill's peaceful, serene setting.

Katelios Bay, including neighbouring Mounda Beach is a special area of conservation as it's considered to be the most valuable area of coastline on Kefalonia. This is because it's the prime place for the reproduction of loggerhead sea turtles.

Time your trip down to the beach to silently witness the magnificent, endangered species come out of the water at night to lay hundreds of eggs in sandy nests. Come back two months later to see the tiny turtles take their first steps on earth in a quest for life as they wriggle towards the sea in the hope of survival.

Learn more about the protection of turtles and other fascinating things about the local wildlife at the small museum and information centre run by the Katelios Environmental Group.

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