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With its beautiful Mediterranean climate, the Greek Island of Lesbos enjoys warm and sunny weather all year-round. The island is just off the coast of Turkey in the northern Aegean Sea, which is also very mild and enjoyable for swimming and water sports during the warmer months of summer.

The hottest time to visit Lesbos is in July and August. Temperatures rarely fluctuate much from the average 26˚C, which is perfect weather for relaxing on the beach and working on your summer tan.

If you find the heat too much, the best time to go to Lesbos is May and September. The weather is very pleasant and warm, but the heat isn’t overwhelming and humidity levels are comfortable.

The island has an annual rainfall average of around 750mm. Most of this rain falls during the winter, leaving the summer to enjoy endless days of sunshine and clear blue skies.

In the evenings, the island experiences cooler temperatures that are influenced by the sea breeze. While this is enjoyable in the hot summer months, winds can get quite chilly in autumn and winter, so make sure to bring a warm jacket with you.

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