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Sitting pretty on Bulgaria’s sun-soaked Black Sea coast, Nessebar holidays will whisk you away to a true Baltic beauty spot. You’ll be free to discover the spectacular UNESCO-protected Old Town, before relaxing on the Blue Flag beaches and heading for a seafood special at a waterfront restaurant. Whether you want to soak up the sunshine or be surrounded by history, holidays to Nessebar are just the ticket. No wonder it’s known as the ‘Pearl of the Black Sea’.

Things to do

When it comes to sun, sea and culture on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, Nessebar is a firm favourite. From the UNESCO-listed Old Town to the sun-soaked coastline and beyond, this place has plenty to offer. Let’s take a closer look at things to see and do in and around Nessebar.

29 ℃

Sunshine is practically guaranteed during the summer months

3 hours 15 minutes

Fly to Burgas Airport, 35km from Nessebar