Self Catering Holidays Greece

Offering a place to live, as opposed to just a place to sleep, Greece Self Catering holidays give you that freedom which hotels just can't match. With no restrictions on when or what you eat, you can cook up firm family favourites or, if the nominated chef-in-residence needs the night off, stroll to a nearby town and enjoy a delicious dinner in an authentic, Greek restaurant. You'll find secluded Self Catering accommodation in rustic villages, beautiful towns, and busy cities, or even by the beach. On top of that, you can also choose Greek island holiday apartments and studios with their own pools.

But Self Catering holidays in Greece don't mean you're tied to one place. If you're travelling with little ones, you'll find plenty of family-friendly attractions across the country. Waterparks are always popular, some of which have been voted among the best in Europe, such as the Star Beach Water Park, the Acqua Plus Water Park and the Santorini Water Park.

If you want to slip some education in under the radar, you'll find that the Percy Jackson range of books and movies has excited youngsters' interests in Greek mythology. Many of the most famous sites in Greece, such as Knossos, Delphi and Athens offer Percy Jackson tours, tying in the legends that provided the source-material to the stories and scripts.

Best Self Catering hotels in Greece