Pula holidays

Pula holidays

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Found on Croatia’s Istrian Peninsula, Pula holidays are celebrated for their antique attractions, Adriatic beauty and picturesque Old Town. From a towering amphitheatre dominating its streets to century-old temples showcasing Pula’s long history, the city’s Roman sights should be first on your must-see list. As for relaxing you’ve got a bustling piazza packed with open-air cafes and serving the most delicious traditional food. While beach lovers won’t have to venture far for a day on the sand with a bunch of Blue Flag spots just a short bus ride away. So whether you like your holidays jam-packed or laid-back, Pula offers a blend of both.

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Map of Pula

3°C - 29°C

Pula enjoys short, hot summers and chilly, wet winters.

2 - 3 hours

Pula Airport (PUY), which is located 6km from the city centre.

Pula is best for...

Historians: There are several historical sites in Pula, including the city’s ancient Roman amphitheatre, Pula Arena, the Triumphal Arch of Sergius, Pula Cathedral and the Temple of Augustus. And don’t miss the Historical Museum of Istria. That’s plenty to discover during your holiday! 

Beach lovers: Pula’s rugged coastline is one of the largest in the Mediterranean. This lesser-visited Croatian town is close to miles of beautiful beaches. Think sparkling turquoise waters and white beaches perfect for an afternoon snooze on the sand.

Explorers: Pula is a lush green destination close to the border of Italy. Explore the area’s stunning beaches, or head inland to discover more magical landscapes. The region’s dense greenery is interspersed with natural pools and waterfalls and laced with hiking trails so there’s plenty of adventures to be had.

Fast facts for Pula

Language:  The official language of Pula is Croatian. You might also hear Italian on the streets due to the city’s history and proximity to the border.

Currency: The Euro is the official currency in Pula.

Local time: Pula is on Central European Time (CET), one hour ahead of GMT/UK time.

Fly to: Pula Airport (PUY) is just 6km from the city centre.

Flight time from UK:  Fly directly from London to Pula Airport in around 2 hours 5 minutes. 

Tourist information: Find more information for tourists on Pula’s official website.

Visa / health:  Before your trip read the latest health advice from the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office. 

Getting around Pula

On foot: As a walkable city, getting around is easy. A self-guided tour is one of the best ways to see more of your destination as you can go from Pula’s most famous landmarks  to the coast and the Temple of Augustus in a couple of hours on foot. 

By bus: In Pula, public transport means buses. If you need a boost when sightseeing on foot or want to get somewhere quick, hop on one of the 38 bus lines between locations. You can buy tickets from the driver or choose a contactless option that will last several days. Contactless tickets are also available from kiosks around the city. 



Events in Pula

Pula Summer Festival: Many of Pula’s best-loved events take place inside its ancient theatre, and Pula Summer Festival is no exception! The city hosts a series of live music performances in July and August, from classical to pop, all inside its beautiful landmark. 

Outlook and Dimensions Festivals: Pula was the original home of Outlook and Dimensions festivals. These electronic music events remain favourites among Europe’s clubbing scenes. The main stages occupied Pula’s ancient amphitheatre, while other locations popped up on beaches and in a network of caves under the city. Both festivals have now moved to Tisno, which sits nearby on the Croatian coast. But despite its relocation, many bars and clubs remain making Pula a top choice with party-goers. 

Pula weather

Temperature: Pula benefits from a typical Mediterranean climate, with mild to cold winters and some rainy days and cool winds, due to its coastal location. The temperature has been known to drop to -10˚C, usually in December and January. In summer, between June and August, Pula is hot and sunny, with daytime highs reaching 35˚C on average. 

Best time to visit: The best times to visit Pula are spring and autumn, avoiding the hot summer and cold winter. These seasons offer mild, sunny days and fewer crowds.


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