Avg weather in September
12 Hrs per day
154 mm per month
82 % avg
5 Mph avg

Croatia Weather in September

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What’s the weather like in Croatia in September? Croatia’s weather is fairly similar around the country and you can expect plenty of warm weather in September. The climate is more Mediterranean the closer you get towards the coast and hotter further south. Geographical influences The Adriatic has a big impact on the weather at the coast, with breezes keeping you comfortable in September. The northern Pannonian Plains mean places such as capital Zagreb have hot summers and cold winters, while you’ll get cooler temperatures in the centre of the country because of the Dinara mountains. Rain picks up in September in coastal areas while there’s less rain further east all year round due to the low-lying Danube valleys. Averages There’s different weather around Croatia, but the Dalmatian Coast’s popular Dubrovnik enjoys an average high temperature of 24ºC in September. You’ll spend the days in shorts and t-shirts, but you should bring some warmer things for the evenings as temperatures fall to 13ºC at night. Sea temperature’s are around 23ºC, while humidity’s low and ranges from around 40% to 80%. Average rainfall’s 101mm across seven rainy days. Daylight During September, on average there’s 12 hours of daylight with eight hours of sunshine each day. UV levels will be high so take care of your skin with plenty of sun cream, Sunset’s at 7.30pm at the start of the month and about an hour earlier by the end of September.

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