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Pretty pebbled beaches, historic architecture and a thriving art scene make Rovinj in Croatia a fantastic holiday location for couples, culture seekers and families alike. As one of the last of the Mediterranean's true fishing ports, Rovinj wakes up to the sound of fishermen hauling their catch into the harbour. The old town, with its bustling atmosphere, is the perfect location to soak up the sun and experience a traditional seafood meal. 

Things to do

Take a wander down the cobbled streets of Rovinj’s old town to browse the local arts and crafts. One of the most popular places to go in Rovinj is the famous Grisia street, which is home to a number of quirky galleries. To get a real feel for the city, explore its fishing traditions with a visit to the Batana House museum, before ending your day with an alfresco meal at one of the many small restaurants that line the coast. Fish and grilled meat dishes are a Croatian speciality. Be sure to try one of them before you leave. 


July or August for the highest temperatures.

2 - 3 hours

Pula Airport is located approx. 22 miles from the city of Rovinj.