Croatia Nightlife: Bars & Clubs

People choose Croatia for their holidays for a variety of reasons, from dipping a toe into its rich history to diving head-first into the clear blue of the Adriatic Ocean. However, while there are charming towns to explore, beautiful beaches to bask on and romantic restaurants for leisurely meals, Croatia nightlife is slowly establishing itself as some of the best on the planet! If you're looking for the kind of holiday where the days don't start until lunchtime and the nights don't finish until after breakfast, read on to uncover some the best nightlife Croatia has to offer.

Dubrovnik by Night

While Dubrovnik might be famous for its Old Town by day, by night another side of this fantastic part of the country bursts into life. Dubrovnik's bars and clubs offer the more stylish end of Croatia nightlife. This is where people go to dress up, be seen, and sip sophisticated cocktails, while dancing to the latest in club and pop music. If you'd like a quick drink before throwing yourself into the scene, hunt out one of the quiet bars in the Old Town's back-streets.

The Noa Beach Club

Pag Island is certainly up there as a contender for supplying the most exciting nightlife Croatia has up its sleeves. Home to Zrce Beach, this is the place to go if you're into music festivals and outdoor parties. Of all the many beach clubs that have made the island their home, Noa Beach Club is the most famous. Known in club-land as the hub for Croatia nightlife, Noa Beach Club plays host to world-class DJs, who crank out crowd-pleasing tunes from dusk until dawn, night after night. Their sets are often accompanied by spectacular dance shows and circus-style performances, helping to create an electric atmosphere. In addition to the main stages, you'll find chill-out zones, dance floors, and 11 bars supplying liquid refreshment throughout the night.

Clubbing in the Capital

Croatia's capital, Zagreb, is no slacker when it comes to nightlife. The centre of the city is lined with bars, particularly along Tkalciceva Street, which is where the biggest crowds go at the start of a night out. Towards the middle of the evening, you'll find that they tend to migrate downtown to the Branimir Center and Preradovica, which is where you'll find the majority of the nightclubs. Dress-codes are relaxed and the drinks are well priced.

However, it's worth confirming you're going on a certain day through the various clubs' Facebook pages, as they are immensely popular. Unless you've booked your ticket in advance, there's little chance of you getting in! By day, you'll find that Croatia is much quieter and there are plenty of beaches where you can top up your tan and prepare for the night ahead. Hardcore party-heads will find that many of the harbours provide party boats, so you can get the party started, before the party's started!

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