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Because of official travel advice, we don’t have holidays to Netherlands at the moment, but there are plenty of other places to visit instead. SEARCH

From 17th-century canals in Amsterdam, royal residences in The Hague, contemporary architecture in Rotterdam and tempting boutiques in Utrecht, the cities of the Netherlands beg to be explored. Wildlife and nature enthusiasts will love the Wadden Sea and its five islands. In spring the country’s tulip fields burst with bright colours. Discover world-class museums and lively fun parks, in a country that’s reassuringly flat for those who like to travel by bike.

Things to do

There’s more to the list of activities in the Netherlands than you might think. Museums range from Anne Frank to Van Gogh. The architecture covers everything from UNESCO listed to ultra-modern. And you can shop for anything from fresh local produce to designer labels. Here are our top recommendations.

20 ℃

Best time to visit: Spring and summer.

1.5 hours

Fly to: Schiphol Airport (AMS), around 25km southwest of central Amsterdam.

Alternative transport: You can also travel by Eurostar to Brussels with onward tickets to stations across the Netherlands.