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If you’re looking for a quiet slice of Spanish paradise where the beach is the star of the show, then book your holidays to Roquetas de Mar. Popular with families and couples who want some laid-back leisure time together, this resort is the place to go if you want to enjoy the simple things in life. The beach is enormous, stretching a good 1,300 metres long and 80 metres wide, so there’s space for everyone! By the time the sun sets the promenade starts to come to life, with families out for a stroll, and couples checking out the rows of tents lit by fairy lights and selling trinkets, jewellery and arts and crafts. Don’t panic if you’re travelling with children because they won’t have time to get bored. There are water parks and aquariums just a bus-ride away and the low-key nightlife won’t keep little ones up past their bedtime.

Things to do

Whether you’re holidaying with the family, your partner or with friends, there’s always something to do in Roquetas de Mar. Beyond the temptations of the beach, you’ll find some excellent shops along the seafront during the day, and pop-up stalls aplenty by night. Foodies will enjoy the range of traditional Spanish food, from tempting tapas to fresh fish and local meats. If you’ve got kids, spend a day visiting the local aquarium or heading out to the Caba de Gato national park, which has acres of lush countryside rife with rare birds and fascinating wildlife.

11-30 ℃

If you want to relax under the Spanish sun, book your holidays to Roquetas de Mar between June and August. For slightly cooler temperatures and fewer tourists, aim to go between September and November.

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Flights land at Almeria Airport, which is about half an hour from the coast.

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