Terra Mitica Themepark In Benidorm Spain

Enjoy the thrills of Terra Mitica, one of the best spots for the whole family during your Benidorm holiday. This fun-filled theme park is one of Europe's most exciting hotspots for all ages, and one of the resort's main tourist attractions.

What to see at the Terra Mitica theme park

Open from June to September, the park is divided into five zones: Egypt, Greece, Rome, Iberia, and the Islands, each jam-packed with themed rides and attractions to suit all ages.

Thrill rides

The main draw of Terra Mitica is its breath-taking thrill rides, which range from big roller coasters to rotating wheels.

Children's rides

The tiny tots don't need to feel left out at Terra Mitica, because as well as its own one-of-a-kind rides, the park has constructed 15 kids' rides that are replicas of the adult versions; the only difference is that they're a lot less scary. With more than 30 main attractions, kids' rides, playgrounds and daily live performances, Terra Mitica promises a great day out for all the family.

The five sections of the Terra Mitica theme park


If you're after an adrenaline-fuelled experience, you'll need to head for Terra Mitica's Magnus Colossus. This is Europe's longest wooden roller-coaster, reaching speeds of over 100kph, complete with sharp bends and drops that'll make you scream all the way down. Or try the oldest ball coaster in Europe, the Inferno, where you'll zoom at high speed in every direction. Just make sure you don't eat before you climb on board this adrenaline pumper! Iberia The highlight of the Iberia section is the Tizona roller coaster, where you'll be stunned by its sudden drops and dramatic twists and turns. Children and adults can also enjoy the Arietes dodgem cars, and the kids will also love the animal-themed Jabato mini-dodgems.


Try the Terra Mitica theme park SynKope, the ultimate thrill ride. It's a giant rotating wheel that will have you swinging on a 120 angle at high speed. Again, this is another ride where it's best to have that hamburger after you've been for a ride! For children, there's the miniature version of the Magnus Colossus, and The Icaruses and Arriarrix ride, all of which run at a much slower speed.

The Islands

Try The Rage of Achilles, which simulates a violent storm and shipwreck where you'll be tossing and turning like crazy. This ride is inspired by the mythological Greek hero Achilles, who fought in the Trojan War over 3,000 years ago. Then, there's the Rapids of Argos, where you'll zoom down the river rapids that take their name from the ancient Greek city. Don't wear your best clothes, because you'll get soaked at the end, although you'll find this refreshing on a hot summer's day.


Formerly known as Egypt, Ocionia is home to the 100m high Infinnito a circulating viewing deck where you can get amazing views of the park and the surrounding coastline and mountains. Then, head to the Battle of the Pyramid, the Falls of the Nile water roller-coaster, and the Pyramid of Terror for even more adrenaline-fuelled action, if you're still feeling brave enough.

Shows at the Terra Mitica theme park

Throughout the year, Terra Mitica holds amazing shows based on the five ancient civilisations the park represents. From circus acts to acrobats and stuntmen, you'll be treated to thrilling performances. One of the most impressive is Akelarre in the Greece section, a terrifying and spine-chilling interactive wedding ritual with 20 performers. Then, there's Extinction at Egypt, a mesmerising Halloween show with colourful costumes and acrobatics that are almost out of this world. One of the most popular family-themed events is Pets (Egypt), and the Panacea Zombie (Greece) at Halloween time, where the dead awaken and dance ”til they drop. Shows vary depending on the season, so it's a good idea to check dates and times in advance.

Practical information

You can buy tickets to the Terra Mitica theme park online or at the park, with full-day tickets valid for up to a week, so you can pick the most convenient day to go. Larger families with three to six children can also benefit from a 50% discount for a one-day ticket, too.


Buy some delicious sweets at Sweet Island in The Islands or Greece section, or browse the wonderful stuffed toys, clothes, and other souvenirs at Cuca Park, also in the Greece section. You can find more souvenirs at the Tornado shop in Rome, branded Terra Mitica items at the Rose of the Desert in Egypt, and other gifts at the Anubis shop in Egypt.


The Terra Mitica theme park has a surprisingly broad range of dining options, from delicious grilled meats at Las Brasas, to mouth-watering ice cream at the Carte d'Or Coffee Shop. In the Rome section you can enjoy tasty baguettes at Famelicus or hot dogs at Pompeya, or enjoy some fantastic pizzas at Saqqarar in Egypt, followed by desserts at Las Jaimas in the same section. Or, enjoy a tasty family meal at Pica Picae or Via Apia, both in Rome, irresistible sweet waffles and other desserts at Atica, or more baguettes and snacks at Cuca Park.

Getting to Terra Mitica

If you're travelling to Terra Mitica theme park by road, taking the A-7 motorway, which has a direct exit to the park. You can also get to Terra Mitica by bus from Murcia, Alicante, or Valencia, or by train via Benidorm's railway station and then the F.G.V. tram.

Other places you can visit near Terra Mitica

Right next to Terra Mitica is Aqualandia, a huge water park with massive slides, a big swimming pool, and picturesque gardens that are great for sunbathing and picnics. With 15 adrenaline-pumping water rides, including the highest standing slide in Europe and the highest capsule slide in the world, you'll never be bored here. If you think you'll enjoy Terra Mitica theme park, the chances are you'll probably love the Mundomar animal park, too. This stunning tropical-themed attraction is home to dozens of fascinating animal species. From colourful parrots and parakeets to lemurs and monkeys, it's a must-see if you're an animal lover.

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